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Skeleton Crew / My Chem merch for sale!
bang bang bang
hey! i just recently put a few my chem merch items up for sale on e-bay.  i'm selling the original first edition I Am A Monster shirt that was sold when skeleton crew first started, it's a size large and in great condition. starting bid is $10 and shipping is $4.95 USPS priority mail. If you're interested, that item is located here.  I'm also selling a my chem 'revenge' hoodie, with 'n.j. murder scene' and two guns on the back that is in great condition. starting bid and shipping are the same. that item is here if you're interested!  also just added this my chem messenger bag here,  it's a cupid shooting arrows at a blindfolded woman in a white dress. starting bid is $8 and shipping is the same as above!

x-posted around a little bit, so sorry if this shows up a lot for you!s


Marilyn Manson Band Shirt with Lyrics on back starting at $5 with 4.95 shipping.
The Used Band Shirt like new, beautiful artwork. starting at $5 with 4.95 shipping.
Aveda Reusable Canvas tote bag used once, released for the 2007 earth month campaign.  starting at $20 with 4.95 shipping

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lucy in the sky
Heeey, Live Journal.

I haven't even checked my friends list in probably a month or two. sorry if i missed anything important.

But - I'm here now, if anybody's interested.

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lucy in the sky
drunk and depressingCollapse )
more is coming.

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lucy in the sky
i just planned out my credits for college. i need 60 of them. i have 3 haha. soon to be 9. but. here it is. in it's entirety - my college future.

cut because it's like. a lot .Collapse )

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Chiz &amp; Becks
So, okay, I started reading twilight forever ago and couldn't get into it, right? I told my mom not to bother, that the writing was dry and make-believe and full of wordiness. She read it, and in like, a week has managed to read the entire series and is in love with it, and pretty much yelled at me for saying it was so bad!!! So, I picked up the first book again and started again, trying to make sense of the hype, and i see the casual errors that i usually see in fan-fic. Granted, a decent fic considering Harry Potter fics can be pretty epically shitty sometimes. first. dense AND opaque. x and x. one will do. besides, dense and opaque confuses me why use both? also, semi-colon happy. i mean i know this went through an editor, but to me it seems like they're wrong? i don't know. also. she'll write a long sentence and then a two word one. blahblahblah. figures. blahblahblah. I don't like it. also, un-researched. an old truck gets good gas milage, look your shit up woman. first, she sits next to edward cullen in algebra, and then later in the chapter she sits next to him in biology. her crutch word in this chapter is clearly bogus. i dodn't know you could say bogus that many times.

so far, as equally un-impressed as i've always been with the whole thing.

Writer's Block: Infamous
lucy in the sky
Today is known to some as the Day of Infamy, in commemoration of what happened at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. In your lifetime, what date sticks out as the most memorable in terms of world events?
September 11, the Iraq invasion, when we hanged Hussein,  Mumbai, and the day Obama won the election.

Nobody in our generation should forget those days.

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day two:

my grandma was making meatloaf for dinner, and i was all "oh shit" thinking i was going to eat like. nothing for dinner haha. and then my dad showed up to take me to the movie and dinner at the new mexican place and then i was like oh shit, there's nothing on this menu i can eat because it's all got meat in it and then i just ordered a burrito w/ beans and it was fucking delicious. i think that the hardest thing for me will bedinner because my grandma always cooks some sort of meat for dinner. i feel great, though. i dunno what my deal is. well, about not eating meat even if i have to not eat sometimes because it's the right thing to do.
i think i'm turning into a hippie and i'm concerned. i don't smoke near enough pot anymore to be one. somebody fix that. actually, somebody legalize marijuna so it's cheaper. don't even get me STARTED on the wonders pot could do for our economy (jobs, taxes, it can make paper, it's a plant, blahblahblah, hemp does everything.) i could smoke pot more if it didn't cost me $50 a pop. speaking of, next pay check is going to A; cell phone B: new pipe C: pot. mhm.

my article comes out tomorrow and i'm really excited for people to read it! yay!

also, mowgli. bronx mowgli wentz. Pete wanted to name the baby after he saw it. What, did he see it and think boy being raised in the jungle?

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Chicago Love
my "it's complicated" boy had his friend do a like cosmic reading on me, becuase he's super into astrology and whatnot. my birthplace, time, and date got all this.

I'm caring and disciplinied.
I love to be loved.
I may go out of my way to avoid discomforting situations, or push unpleasant tasks onto others.
Probably concerned with how I look.
Feels lonely alot, which is part of that desire for affection.
I'm excitable, and would enjoy spontaneous and unusual things rather than the same routine

I'm intrigued.

mostly because i think a lot of this is true. interesting. There's more coming, too, and he decided to do a compatibality reading between me and "complicated" boy. weird. awkward.

EDIT: not only likes mystery in others, but is herself a mystery.  her rational mind (Mercury) may be influenced by feelings/intuition more than most. but talking to others about such things that could be as strong as a psychic sense might cause issues.

compatibality thing says:

first thing I read is about difficutly living together or being married, though not impossible
hmm, it suggests that with that position it's a good idea to get to know each other gradually

Writer's Block: QotD: When the Boss is Away…
Odd Couple
How do you entertain yourself when you’re bored at work?
Myspace or Facebook or Photoshop when i'm at the newspaper. it's not like any of us do that much work.

and at the daycare? what time to be bored? are you kidding? when the kids are bored we go run around the block or walk down to the railroad tracks and see the train or finger paint or color or make something out of pipe cleaners or......


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